Research Topic: Neural Effects of Mindfulness/Contemplative Training

By | March 16, 2012

The Journal “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” published a series of research articles on the effects of meditation and mindfulness practice on brain and brain function. Under the research topic: “Neural Effects of Mindfulness/Contemplative Training” guest editor Amishi Jha, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, was in charge of editing various articles on this topic that have now been published.

The great thing for us is that this is an open access journal: All articles are open to the public, without subscription. So far, six articles have been published in this research topic, including our own, which I discussed in the previous two blog posts.

I will comment on the other articles in this research topic here in due course. The topics include:

These are the articles published so far. As the research topic only closed very recently, further articles may still appear.

Watch this space for a discussion of each of them.

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