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Peter Malinowski

Dr Peter Malinowski

Since the beginning of the new millenium the interest in the scientific exploration of meditation practices – in particular those of buddhist descent – has been increasing dramatically. New studies appear continuously, contributing to the ever-growing scientific descriptions of the processes involved in regular meditation practices and their enduring effects, physiologically as well as psychologically.

As I find myself in the fortunate situation to live at the intersection between science (as trained researcher in psychology and cognitive neuroscience) and meditation practice (with more than 25 years of own meditation practice, many years as meditation teacher, Timeless Impact Academy certified meditation trainer) many friends and colleagues ask me to explain in understandable terms what all this meditation research is about and what the most exciting findings are. This website is a result of these requests: to share some of my thoughts on current developments regarding the science of meditation and also to inform about the research carried out by the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group in the Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour at Liverpool John Moores University.

I do this on top of my work commitments at university and my engagement at Diamond Way meditation teacher, whenever I can make some free time. If you find that the blog remained a little silent for a while it will be because I am fully engaged with other things requiring my attention.

If you are interested in my CV, publications etc check out www.pmalinowski.de

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