Meet Our Team

Dr Peter Malinowski

Dr. rer.soc. Dipl.Psych., FHEA

Peter Malinowski

Senior Lecturer in Psychology; founded and directs the meditation and mindfulness research group at Liverpool John Moores University

More information about Peter (CV, publications, etc) at


Dr Paul Lattimore

PhD, BSc.(hons.), FHEA

As Senior Lecturer in Psychology here at LJMU, Paul is involved in our mindfulness projects related to eating behaviour





Dr Adam Moore

PhD BSc. (hons.)

Former PhD student in our group, funded by the Institute for Health Research. Before starting his PhD Adam worked as research assistant in the BIAL-funded project “Meditation practice and attentional networks”.

His PhD research focuses on the question whether and how regular mindfulness meditation can reduce age-related cognitive decline. In this project he primarily uses high density electrophysiological recordings.


Dr Naomi Fisher

PhD, BSc. (hons.), MSc.

Former PhD student, funded by a bursary from our School of Natural Sciences and Psychology. Naomi’s research investigates the relationship between mindfulness and eating behaviour. In the final stages of her research she is evaluating the mindful eating programme. This programme is in active development by Naomi and Peter and builds on our accumulated scientific evidence and the psychological principles underlying eating behaviour.



Bethan Mead

BSc. (hons.), MSc.


Beth works as Research Assistant on the BIAL-funded Mindfulness and Healthy Ageing project. Before that, she was involved in several other projects relating to mindfulness and eating behaviour with clinical and non-clinical populations and in a project investigating the electrophysiological correlates of mindfulness and cognitive control. Her main research interests lie in the realm of cognitive neuroscience, specifically cognitive control and regulation.



Dr Joan Paul Pozuelos

PhD, BSc. (hons.), MSc.

Joan Paul works with us as a visiting researcher from the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group at the University of Granada, Spain. In his recently completed PhD he focused on studying the effects of attentional training on the executive functions and self regulation processes in children. With us, he is extending this work to include the effects of meditation training on theses functions and on understanding the underlying processes that produce these effects.

His research visits to our lab were supported by grants from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.