Meditation and Mindfulness Research Meetings: Four dates for your calendar

By | October 18, 2014

Do you want to engage with current research into meditation and mindfulness? If yes, here are a few opportunities that might work for you.

Reflecting the growing number of researchers engaged in meditation and mindfulness research, the increasingly diverse settings meditation-based approaches are applied in and the expanding range of scientific questions that are being addressed, more and more meetings are set up for staying informed, exchanging and learning more.

Here my top list of upcoming events, in chronological order:

Mind and Life International Symposium for Contemplative Studies (ISCS), 30 Oct – 02 Nov 2014, Boston (MA) »» website

This is the flagship symposium organised by Mind & Life – a large number of keynotes, master lectures, individual papers, poster presentations, contemplative practice and arts. (Note: Now the conference programme is available for download as pdf)

Mindfulness and Compassion: the Art and Science of Contemplative Practice, 03 – 07 June 2015, San Francisco (CA) »» website

Organised by the newly established International Association Consciousness, Mindfulness, Compassion  this multi-disciplinary meeting will bring together an exciting mix of international scholars and meditation teachers and practitioners to explore how contemplative practice and scientific research can best inform each other. For me certainly the number one event in the list.

2015 Mindfulness Conference – Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (Bangor University), 03 – 07 July 2015, Chester (UK) »» website

Every year the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University organises a conference primarily evolving around the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programme, for which the CMRP is the leading organisation in Europe, providing MBSR teacher training, an MSc programme and engaging in research. Every other year the conference is organised as a large scale event with many international speakers. The 2015 conference is, again, on this larger scale and is usually heavily over-subscribed. If you want to attend, you need to get in soon.

2nd Mind and Life European Summer Research Institute (ESRI), 28 Aug – 03 Sept 2015, Chiemsee (Germany) »» website

In Summer 2014 the first European Mind & Life Summer Research Institute took place and was a full success. Building on the experience of the US/International Mind & Life Summer Research Institute  which took place annually since 2004 at the Garrison Institute (NY), it brought together almost 150 researchers, meditators, meditation teachers and scholars. Meditation practice, retreat, scientific conference and  informal exchange supported by the beautiful location of the Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee (Bavaria, Germany) was the right mix to inspire all participants. In the same way as the US version of the summer research institute became a catalyst for developments in contemplative science, the ESRI appears to become the same for Europe.


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One thought on “Meditation and Mindfulness Research Meetings: Four dates for your calendar

  1. George Martin


    Meditation and mindfulness research is vital for the wellbeing of our body and mind. The art of contemplative practice has been used to explore the nature of mind and its potential. I am very much excited about the conference regarding “Mindfulness and Compassion: the Art and Science of Contemplative Practice” ,San Francisco.



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