In the media

Mindfulness goes mainstream

Interview at ABC-Radio RN Soul Search

Dr Jim Rheingans (University of Sydney) and Peter Malinowski converse about the science behind mindfulness and its impact on the brain.

ABC-Australia Radio17 February 2019ABC RN Soul Search

Meditation, Manson and Martin Luther; the ‘White Album’ at 50

As the “White Album” by the Beatles turns 50, Peter Malinowski discusses the role of meditation at that time.

1823 Podcast06 December 2018LJMU Podcast

What you are getting wrong about mindfulness

Peter Malinowski comments on research that claims mindfulness meditation reduces workplace motivation. (Spoiler alert: this research doesn’t show this!)

BBC Worklife  – Psychology Section; 03 August 2018

BBC Worklife03 August 2018BBC Worklife Article

Health: Truth or Scare

BBC One: Series 2, Episode 2

Peter Malinowski introduces TV Presenter and former captain of the Great Britain wheelchair rugby squad Steve Brown to mindfulness meditation and runs several tests on him to see whether his cognitive performance improved (it did!).

BBC One17 April 2018BBC One - Health: Truth or Scare

Make Wales Happy

BBC One Wales Live Show

Peter Malinowski discussed how the brains of the Welsh rugby players changed after meditating for a few weeks.

BBC One Wales23 January 2018BBC One Wales

Should I Try Mindfulness?
Trust Me I’m a Doctor; with Michael Moseley (Series 5, Episode 3)

BBC 2Sept

Breathing In vs. Spacing Out

New York Times article on mindfulnessJan

Mindfulness Research at LJMU 

I discuss the practice of mindfulness, it’s benefits & applications – and explains some of the research projects he is involved it to explore the effects of mindfulness on cognitive ageing and weight gain.

LJMU-TVNov 2011Youtube Channel - Liverpool John Moores University

Article ‘Building your brain with meditation’

Yoga Flavored LifeDec

Article ‘How meditation can help you get better brain power’

Daily MailSept

On . A review of my book Flourishing: Welches Glück hätten Sie gern? [book and this review are in German]

lettra.tvJan 2011lettratv - Youtube Channel