Meditation research for therapists: explains the psychological principles of meditation

When working as therapist, counsellor, or coach, you may be offering meditation and mindfulness to your clients. We explain the underlying processes from the perspective of psychological science – supporting you in enhancing your evidence-based and theory-led practice.

Explore our curated knowledge base for up-to-date knowledge about a whole range of topics, for example:

  • Explains psychological models of meditation and mindfulness
  • Offers teaching resources helping you to explain meditation and mindfulness
  • Provides an overview of different mindfulness-based approaches
  • Summarises studies that evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • Condenses evidence how different types of meditation work
  • And more

In addition:

  • Browse our research blog for in depth commentaries on the latest developments in meditation and mindfulness research.
  • Topic requests: let us know on what topic you would like more information. We will do our best to write a blog post or new knowledge base entry

Dr Peter Malinowski, founder and chief editor of this website, explains why therapists, counsellors, and coaches who work with meditation and mindfulness will benefit from joining as members.