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Buddhism and Science Day in London

Buddhists and Scientists explore the nature of consciousness On Wednesday 20 June three Buddhists and Scientists will meet in London to explore the nature of consciousness and its role in nature – combining perspectives from Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, Psychology and Physics             The three speakers, Alan Wallace, Peter Malinowski and Harald Atmanspacher will convene to present and discuss their perspectives on consciousness. To find out more about… Read More »

Research Topic: Neural Effects of Mindfulness/Contemplative Training

The Journal “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” published a series of research articles on the effects of meditation and mindfulness practice on brain and brain function. Under the research topic: “Neural Effects of Mindfulness/Contemplative Training” guest editor Amishi Jha, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, was in charge of editing various articles on this topic that have now been published. The great thing for us is that this is an open access… Read More »

Mindfulness and Cognitive Control

An important ability in life is the ability to act automatically. Once we have learned how to ride a bycicle it will work without much – if any – conscious effort or control being required. This is certainly a good thing. However, sometimes we function on autopilot when it might be less useful or we may respond in an automated fashion, without being quite aware that we are responding, not… Read More »

Published today: regular brief meditation changes brain activity

Today a first article from our research project into the effects of mindfulness meditation practice on attentional functions was published in the open access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Here the link to the article: Regular, brief mindfulness meditation practice improves electrophysiological markers of attentional control. Next week I will explain the findings of this study within its wider context 🙂

in Liverpool: The Science of Buddhist Meditation

Are you living in or close to Liverpool? … then this talk might be of interest: On Saturday 04 February at 3pm, I will be talking about the Science of Buddhist Meditation. In this talk I will present scientific and buddhist approaches to buddhist meditation for a general audience without scientific training. More details can be found at the website of the organiser: www.buddhism.org.uk/events/  

Meditation practice is associated with reduced mind-wandering

A forthcoming publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports a brain imaging study that shows reduced brain activity during meditation in those brain areas that are typically quite active during day-dreaming or mind-wandering. A research group led by Judson Brewer at the Yale School of Medicine c [update: J. Brewer is now Director of Research at the UMASS Center for Mindfulness] compared experienced meditators with meditation-naïve participants… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation – How does it work? Part Two

In a recent post I introduced a theoretical paper on the mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of mindfulness practice by Britta Hölzel and co-workers. Here I would like to offer a few more ideas that arose when reading this interesting paper.  The authors developed the presented model on theoretical grounds and – to a varying degree – underpin the components of the model with supporting empirical evidence. This evidence is… Read More »