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Contextualising Mindfulness Conference

With mindfulness and other forms of meditation entering the mainstream questions regarding its transformation from a spiritual practice, embedded within a complete system, to a secular “collection of tools” are being raised. The Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society (BPS) set out to address this question at their next section conference, hosted by the University of Northampton. From 10 – 12 October 2014 the conference entitled “Contextualising Mindfulness:… Read More »

A great meditation master cremated today

Today, on the 31 July 2014, one of the greatest meditation masters of our days, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche, was cremated in Nepal; 49 days after he died in Germany. Contemplating his death, I read the following passage composed by Shamar Rinpoche. In simple words he conveys some of the key points of meditation for us, who are just starting with it: A primary benefit experienced by the practitioner of meditation… Read More »

Advanced Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice raises body temperature

Studying ten meditators of Tibetan Buddhism, a recent international research project provides solid evidence for centuries-old reports that through the advanced meditation practice Tummo, often referred to as “Inner Heat” or “Psychic Heat”, the core body temperature can be raised significantly. The Tummo (also “g-Tummo”) meditation practice is an advanced form of meditation that has been transmitted in the Vajrayana (or Diamond Way) traditions of Tibetan Buddhism for the last… Read More »

Buddhism and Science Day in London

Buddhists and Scientists explore the nature of consciousness On Wednesday 20 June three Buddhists and Scientists will meet in London to explore the nature of consciousness and its role in nature – combining perspectives from Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, Psychology and Physics             The three speakers, Alan Wallace, Peter Malinowski and Harald Atmanspacher will convene to present and discuss their perspectives on consciousness. To find out more about… Read More »

The Science of Meditation: impromptu talk in Hamburg

Hamburg – 16 April 2012: When visiting the Buddhist Centre in Hamburg as part of a Seminar of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, I was asked to give an impromptu talk on the Science of Meditation. Talking about the historical developments of meditation research as well as current findings, from improvements of attention to boosts to the immune system, I was amazed to see the level of interest and alertness at… Read More »

in Liverpool: The Science of Buddhist Meditation

Are you living in or close to Liverpool? … then this talk might be of interest: On Saturday 04 February at 3pm, I will be talking about the Science of Buddhist Meditation. In this talk I will present scientific and buddhist approaches to buddhist meditation for a general audience without scientific training. More details can be found at the website of the organiser: www.buddhism.org.uk/events/  

Sustaining Happiness: The Science of Buddhist Meditation

Does meditation make you happy? A few years back I organised a symposium at the 2008 BA Festival of Science in Liverpool (now British Science Festival) to discuss the link between meditation practice, happiness and well-being.  At that time I was interviewed by Wholescience.net  – and below you can still listen to what I had to say. Since then, research moved on and there is meanwhile some good evidence that meditation… Read More »

Buddhists make rational economic decisions

A recent study into human decision-making revealed that experienced Buddhist meditators act more rationally in social situations that are commonly experienced as unfair. The study, carried out by researchers in the US and Canada, compared the decisions of experienced Buddhist meditators with that of control participants during the so-called Ultimatum Game. In a (simulated) two-person exchange the participants were offered a split of a certain amount of money ($20). If… Read More »