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The science of meditation and mindfulness

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With the growing research activity in this area and studies investigating the effects and benefits of meditation practice as well as the processes that lead to these effects, it is becoming increasingly important to explain these findings in an understandable way. We also aim to provide a resource for students and researchers alike, who are looking for reliable information on the topic of meditation research. We thus aim to present findings from scientific research into meditation and mindfulness practice and also provide an overview of our own research activities: the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University.
Meditation Research Blog

My meditation research blog tracks and comments on the latest developments in meditation research.

Furthermore, you can gain some insights into the research carried out by our group, covering areas such as mindfulness and healthy eating, mindfulness and cognitive ageing, the effects of meditation on attentional network dynamics, distinguishing between different meditation states and several other projects.

Video: Dr Peter Malinowski, founder of the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University, discusses the practice of mindfulness, it’s benefits and applications. He explains some of the research projects of the group, exploring the effects of mindfulness practice on cognitive ageing and healthy eating.

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