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Buddhism and Science Day in London

Buddhists and Scientists explore the nature of consciousness On Wednesday 20 June three Buddhists and Scientists will meet in London to explore the nature of consciousness and its role in nature – combining perspectives from Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, Psychology and Physics             The three speakers, Alan Wallace, Peter Malinowski and Harald Atmanspacher will convene to present and discuss their perspectives on consciousness. To find out more about… Read More »

Neither vibrating nor not vibrating!

One way of expressing the aim of buddhist meditation practice may be to say that is is about overcoming the extremes of clinging to existence or to non-existence: “Form is emptiness – emptiness is form – form and emptiness are inseperable” An article just published in the scientific journal Science made me smile … It reports about an experiment, carried out by scientists at the University of Oxford, where they show… Read More »