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Whether you are a seasoned mindfulness researcher or still learning the ropes, brings you the knowledge about the science of meditation – all in one place.
These days, hardly anyone has sufficient capacity to stay on top of the rapid-fire publications on meditation and mindfulness.
To support you, we offer a quick overview of the state of the art and alert you to some of the most important or intriguing publications in the field. We summarise evidence for a broad range of topics. With our comments, we offer a healthy perspective on ongoing research trends.

Explore our curated knowledge base for up-to-date knowledge about a whole range of topics, for example:

  • Summaries of current research findings on a broad range of topics
  • Pointers to the most important research papers on a topic
  • Classification systems for types of meditation
  • Overview, descriptions and downloads of mindfulness questionnaires
  • The evidence for mindfulness-based intervention approaches
  • And more

In addition:

  • Browse our research blog for in depth commentaries on the latest developments in meditation and mindfulness research.
  • Topic requests: let us know on what topic you would like more information. We will do our best to write a blog post or new knowledge base entry

Dr Peter Malinowski, founder and chief editor of this website, explains why scientists may benefit from joining as members.