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Meditation and ageing: Cognitive improvements in older adults

Yet another year is coming to an end and our time seems to be ticking away. Anyone feeling a bit older just by the thought of it? If so, do not despair, at least not if you fancy a bit of meditation. We now have the science: Injecting just a few minutes of meditation into our lives improves cognitive abilities – in people 55 to 75 years old! A range… Read More »

Meditation on buddha forms improves visual spatial processing

Especially in Vajrayana (Engl.: Diamond Way) Buddhism, which was primarily transmitted in Tibet and Himalayan countries like Bhutan, meditation on various buddha forms, often confusingly referred to as ‘deities’, plays an important role in formal meditation practice. In a recent study carried out by researchers in the US, it was shown that meditating on buddha forms as the one seen on the right, enhances visuospatial processing efficiency. Compared to a… Read More »