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Mindfulness meditation – How does it work? Part Two

In a recent post I introduced a theoretical paper on the mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of mindfulness practice by Britta Hölzel and co-workers. Here I would like to offer a few more ideas that arose when reading this interesting paper.  The authors developed the presented model on theoretical grounds and – to a varying degree – underpin the components of the model with supporting empirical evidence. This evidence is… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation – How does it work?

Buddhist Mindfulness practice has been around for more than 2500 years. Now, revamped in a psychological and neuroscientific context, we start asking the question, how this practice actually works. Well, we are not talking about how it helps individuals to reach a state of liberation or even to move on to enlightenment, but we want to see whether some of the processes that lead to beneficial outcomes can be described… Read More »