Neither vibrating nor not vibrating!

By | December 3, 2011

One way of expressing the aim of buddhist meditation practice may be to say that is is about overcoming the extremes of clinging to existence or to non-existence:

“Form is emptiness – emptiness is form – form and emptiness are inseperable”

An article just published in the scientific journal Science made me smile …

It reports about an experiment, carried out by scientists at the University of Oxford, where they show that the principle of quantum entanglement – previously only established on the quantum level – also holds on the macroscopic level, for objects visible to the bare eye.

Diamond crystals have been placed in the entangled quantum state – previously described by Albert Einstein as “spooky action at a distance”.

One of the authors of the research paper summarises:

“Neither the statement ‘this diamond is vibrating’ nor ‘this diamond is not vibrating’ is true.”

So: not “either or” but “both and” ?  –  I don’t understand much about (quantum) physics, but from my naive perspective this looks quite amazing.

 (Thanks to Mélanie Boly for bringing this to my attention)

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