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Mindfulness in Schools – Programmes show promise

Figure 6: Bubble plot of the 19 controlled effects sizes against Intensity of mindfulness training and regression line. R2 (adjusted) = 0.52. [Zenner et al 2014] Studies show promise for improving cognitive performance, stress, coping, and resilience. With the ever-increasing interest in mindfulness-based programmes and the growing recognition that a more mindful approach to life may yield benefits in many life domains – if not in all of them – it… Read More »

Mindfulness research –where are we here and now?

Let me share a few thoughts regarding the state of mindfulness research and also reflecting on mindfulness-based applications that, at least partially, justify their use by referring to scientific evidence of their effectiveness. A recently published analysis of the available research regarding the effectiveness of meditation programmes for psychological stress and wellbeing inspired me to jot down some of the thoughts I have been carrying around for a while. This… Read More »

The Liverpool Mindfulness Model

In my recent review paper on attentional control mechanisms in mindfulness meditation I also presented our Liverpool Mindfulness Model. The main purpose of this model is to serve as a structuring aid for our own meditation research.  It is thus more of an outline of the different aspects that should be considered when studying mindfulness practice – or, if you want, even a wish list of all the things we… Read More »

Neural mechanisms of attentional control in mindfulness meditation

Published a few days ago: In this focused review article I consider three main points: First, I present the general framework or skeleton (the Liverpool Mindfulness Model) my group uses as guidance for our meditation/mindfulness work . Second, I present a model that summarises the basic principles of a simple mindful breathing meditation, considering the levels of subjective/phenomenological experience of the meditator during the practice, the cognitive processes we assume… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation – How does it work? Part Two

In a recent post I introduced a theoretical paper on the mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of mindfulness practice by Britta Hölzel and co-workers. Here I would like to offer a few more ideas that arose when reading this interesting paper.  The authors developed the presented model on theoretical grounds and – to a varying degree – underpin the components of the model with supporting empirical evidence. This evidence is… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation – How does it work?

Buddhist Mindfulness practice has been around for more than 2500 years. Now, revamped in a psychological and neuroscientific context, we start asking the question, how this practice actually works. Well, we are not talking about how it helps individuals to reach a state of liberation or even to move on to enlightenment, but we want to see whether some of the processes that lead to beneficial outcomes can be described… Read More »